Ride (NZ)

Writer/Director Karyn Childs

Producers: Leela Menon

Language: English

10 minutes

When Ryan picks up Jade, who is stranded on the roadside on her way to a funeral with the coffin, it becomes apparent these two have a shared history. A dangerous incident occurs as they take a short cut road, compelling Ryan into action not only to save a life, but to potentially resolve the past.

Preceded by Short Film:

Goodbye Pork Pie (NZ 1981)

Sunday 30th Oct at 7pm


Director: Geoff Murphy

Rating: PG Violence

Runtime: 89 mins


Local goon, Gerry, hires a yellow mini in Kaitaia using a stolen license. John's wife has just left him and moved to Invercargill. He is devastated and needs to talk to her. He has no transport and needs a ride. Together with the little mini that Gerry names "Pork Pie", they hit the road to travel the length of the country. Their high speed exploits earn them the name "the Blondini gang". The police, however take a dim view of this and make it their mission in life to stop the Blondini boys from reaching their destination


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