Risky Game (Germany)

Director: Stefan Plepp & Christine Kabisch

Producer: Stefan Plepp

Rated: M for Offensive language

12 mins

At the end of term Melanie fails her test in physics. She might not graduate. So she tries to blackmail the teacher.

Preceded by NZ Premiere of Short Film

The Great Maiden's Blush (NZ)

Saturday 29th Oct at 3pm


Language: English

Director: Andrea Bosshard, Shane Loader

Producers: Jeremy Macey, Andrea Bosshard,

                 Shane Loader, Isobel Mebus

Rated: M Offensive language & adult themes

Runtime: 01:48:00 mins


Two first-time single mothers, one a girl racer, the other a pianist and gardener, who share a room in a post-natal ward after the birth of their babies. A precarious friendship develops between the two, and as they face the challenges of new motherhood, they must also confront their pasts and face the truth of the paternity of their newborn babies.


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